List of Valorant Maps

Valorant, the popular team-based tactical shooter developed by Riot Games, options quite so much of maps that provide diverse and competitive environments for players to engage in intense battles. Each map has its unique format and strategic parts, offering different challenges and alternatives for gamers to showcase their expertise. Here is a rundown of the current maps obtainable in Valorant:


BIND is a compact and fast-paced map with tight corridors and slim spaces that demand exact gunplay and fast decision-making. It features two teleporters that permit for swift rotations and sudden flanks. Communication and coordination are essential on this map, as players should control varied chokepoints to gain an advantage.


HAVEN is a bigger map that offers extra alternatives for strategic play. It consists of three bombsites, making it the only map in Valorant with such a layout. With a quantity of entry factors and long sightlines, gamers should rigorously plan their attacks and defenses. Holding key positions and sustaining map control are vital to success on HAVEN.


SPLIT is a vertically-oriented map featuring distinct areas connected by ropes and ziplines. The mid-section of the map, generally recognized as “mid,” performs an important position in controlling the move of the game. Teams must coordinate their efforts to safe mid management or devise strategies to counter opponents who dominate this area. Split rewards players who can adapt shortly and make the most of verticality to outmaneuver their enemies.


ASCENT is a balanced map with extensive open spaces and ample cowl. It focuses on mid-range engagements and encourages both aggressive and defensive playstyles. The presence of a quantity of pathways allows for diverse strategies, together with split assaults and rotations. On Ascent, players have to be adaptable and capable of quickly changing their approach based mostly on the evolving situation.


ICEBOX is the most recent addition to the Valorant map pool and features a wintry theme. This map introduces unique components like ziplines, verticality, and rappels, which create alternatives for artistic plays and surprising flanks. Icebox demands excellent map consciousness and coordination amongst teammates to control key areas and execute profitable methods.

Valorant provides a variety of thrilling maps that cater to different playstyles and strategies. Whether you like close-quarter combat or long-range engagements, there’s a map in Valorant that suits your preferences. Mastery of those maps requires follow, teamwork, and adaptability. So, leap into the sport, explore the diverse landscapes, and sharpen your abilities on the battlegrounds of Valorant!

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